Friday, December 9, 2011

Daily fashion illustration #56 or Fashion ≠ Art

Yesterday night at one of Shanghai legendary bars Y I had a conversation with one of western Shanghai based  artists - painter X. I have seen him every time i go to some exhibit opening, some other  artistic events etc etc. Always a bit dizzy with all-you-can-drink face as many so called Shanghai artists spend their lazy days drinking and getting wasted on a regular basis. But that's fine as booze here is cheep or for free and after selling a few artworks you can party like an animal. 
SO he didn't even bother to remember my name, constantly calling me Latvia ( as the name of the country i come from). But that's OK. What was not OK that he was sure that Eastern European woman in fashion can't be an artist. And fashion, well "fashion can't be art, WE don't accept you" Quite offending, hah? So answer to  - who is an artist who isn't was very clear for him ( even he has never seen my works nor I have seen his) - he was, i wasn't. He is exhibiting ( check - me too), he is selling his artwork ( check), he is published artist ( check). But still i wasn't. In his eyes my art was meaningless, i was lost and stereotype of a woman as i am blond. Wow. I didn't want to continue this conversation as it was quite childish but he had to add that he thinks that all those gallery openings he is normally attending are showing meaningless art, gallery owners were simply rich kids and curators were  hookers. So basically he was the only true artist in Shanghai.
Fine. I got home googled his website and here it was - childish meaningless paintings. I guess in Art Academy I studied for 10 years he would never pass entry exams, but he is an artist , he is a men, painter and from Western Europe. What a mind opening evening it was:D

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